The Call to Radical Discipleship

I picked this book up at the World Convention last summer but just started reading it because I was in the middle of a few others. The author, Lee C. Camp, was of the many speakers at the convention. I was blown away by his presentation and took more notes in that single hour than I did at any other time in the four days we were there.

I was reading last night and this paragraph really struck me.

The call to “radical discipleship” is thus not a call to a burdensome moral perfectionism, but a call to leave the old ways of death and darkness to walk in the new way of abundant life and glorious light with the Christ who is Light and Life. There on the path with Christ we are loved even when we do not deserve to be loved. And there on the path with Christ we too are called to love those about us who do not deserve to be loved. On pilgrimage with Christ, we are forgiven with an extravagant love — he washes our feet, even when we would betray him. And there, on pilgrimage with Christ, we too are called to forgive with such extravagance. On the way with Christ, God’s abundance, provisions, and goods are shared with us, joyfully consumed, for we eat in the kingdom of God! And on the way with Christ, the goods in our hands are shared with those around us, for we do not live according to the rebellious kingdoms of the world which hoard and hold, but according to the kingdom of God, in which God clothes the birds of the air, the flowers of the field, and us too, so that we live with a lightness and ease that befits sons and daughters of God.

I recommend this book and I’m sure I will be quoting it and discussing it more as I work my way through it.

What are your thoughts on this?

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  1. Cad – Wow – That was a gripping yet stunningly accurate picture of God’s love for us! It’s so intense and so amazing it’s often difficult to put into words, but anyone who has walked that walk, and been loved when they didn’t deserve to be, and loved when they did not want to, is going to get what the author is saying! Sounds like a great book, may have to add it to the queue!


  2. I know! That’s what really struck me about it too. Especially the “He washes our feet even when we betray Him” quote. That really struck to my core. Because my life before Him was a huge betrayal and even now, if and when I betray Him He’s still there to wash my feet. Totally awesome!

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