We’re Planting a Campus Ministry!

I am excited to announce that a new chapter in my life has begun. After 2 years of planning and preparation for following God’s leading, we are planting a campus ministry at Oklahoma City Community College. For over 2 years, we have spent time praying about a mission to OCCC. Our time on campus with the students has been encouraging and inspiring.

As it was becoming apparent that God desired full-time mission to OCCC I began to reach out to area ministers to see if they had any students currently attending the community college. I also began to discuss it with trusted mentors and advisors to help me discern if this was truly the path God had laid out for me. I reached out to other campus ministers in the Oklahoma City area and online. At the end of April, in the midst of our planning and decision-making, I had the opportunity to visit with Benson Hines (Twitter, website) and show him the campus. Our discussion highlighted some areas of focus that I had not considered. After a few dozen conversations for counsel from other ministers and with my wife, we made the decision to make an official commitment to planting the campus ministry.

I drew up a Vision Packet and discussed it with the other staff members. With their support, I submitted it to the church Elders who had an overwhelming positive response and were full of encouragement. The work of incorporation papers, IRS submission and other administrative requirements commenced a few weeks ago and have all gone smoothly and quickly. The name of the ministry is Christ Campus Fellowship and is a campus ministry of the Independent Christian Churches. The work for the rest of the summer will be visiting churches and families as well as continuing to build our connections with students.

Campus ministry at a community college provides unique challenges and opportunities. While there will be many similarities to campus ministries at 4-year colleges and universities, our experience on the campus up to this point has shown that OCCC is a tribe of students, faculty and staff that has some distinct characteristics. As we approach the Fall 2010 semester and our first full year on campus, I’ll be sharing about our experience. I hope you will join us on this journey and feel free to join the conversation.

Here’s a question to start us off: Who do you know that also serves in campus ministry at a community or junior college?

Christ Campus Fellowship website